About us

Spruce Support operates within the Berkshire region but will be looking to expand to other regions in due course. We supply highly qualified staff and we also employ the most modern methods of management and administration within our company.

Aims and Objectives.

Spruce Support is committed to supplying support staff that are experienced, highly qualified and very serious with what they do. We aim to provide quality services in the area of care and social work.
We strive to deliver high quality and cost effective services to all our clients.
We work closely with our clients in order to provide the right support staff to match people supported needs so that they reap maximum benefit.

Mission Statement

We at Spruce Support endeavour to respect and treat all our clients, personnel and stakeholders as vital individuals of our organisation.
We will treat all our clients and staff with dignity and the respect that they deserve.
We will ensure that our staff are experienced and trained to deliver quality care and support so that people supported can have their needs met through constructive approach that will demonstrate their chosen lifestyle.
We will listen and act in an informed manner, ensuring that ongoing practice is reflective of Spruce Support's policies and procedures.
We will work to establish positive working partnerships with all those involved with our staff.
We will provide our clients and the people we look after with a professional and efficient service at all times.